Rogers Street - West End

Rogers St West End

 The Brisbane City Council has, within its “Priority Infrastructure Plan” maps and schedules, identified a future requirement for land to establish a park on Rogers St West End.

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 Council’s identification of its requirement for this park is reminiscent of Coorparoo Creek Park, which was publicly announced by the then Lord Mayor, Campbell Newman in or about August 2010, even though my investigations reveal that Council had been acquiring property for that Park from as far back as 2000, when it acquired 37 Lackey Avenue Coorparoo.

 Hardship Process

 A property owner, who wants to sell to Council, may qualify for an early buyout on “hardship” grounds in advance of Council’s requirement for their property.

 Where pressure is brought to bear on the local councillor and the Lord Mayor by the affected property owners, Council may be convinced to set aside funding to acquire properties from those owners who qualify for an early buyout.

 If you want to try to have Council acquire your property, and you want to know if you might qualify for an early buyout on “hardship” grounds, we can advise you and also prepare and lodge your application.

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