Park Ridge Connector

On Wednesday 13th March 2013, the Transport and Main Roads minister Scott Emerson announced the State Government would accept the Logan Council's recommendation to preserve the corridor for the Park Ridge Connector corridor, between Wembley Road Browns Plains, and Granger Road Chambers Flat - .

According to Mr Emerson, about 70 properties including private homes and businesses will be affected.

Although construction of the road is not expected to start until 2031, the preservation of the corridor will have an immediate impact on the properties directly required.  That impact will make sales of affected properties to any buyer but the State Government, difficult if not impossible.  A property owner, who needs to sell for whatever reason in the near future and can’t do so because of the corridor, may qualify for an early buyout on “hardship” grounds.

We at Deacon & Milani can assist you in preparing and lodging your “hardship” application and negotiate a sale to the State.  Please call Pasquale Cece for advice.

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