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Public transport infrastructure projects in Brisbane have been a focus point of the State, Federal, and Local governments for a number of years.

New bus and rail links criss-crossing the city are designed to make public transport quicker and easier to navigate for patrons, while hopefully reducing our reliance on cars, particularly in the inner-city areas.

One of these major projects is the Northern Busway, which has successfully decreased public transport travel time between the Queen Street Mall through to Windsor north of Brisbane City, via the Royal Brisbane and Women´s Hospital at Herston.

This stretch of the busway represents just the first two stages of the project. The third stage, encompassing a route from Windsor to Kedron Brook, is currently under construction and due for completion in mid-2012.

The fourth stage, running between Kedron and Bracken Ridge, has yet to start and at this stage is forecast for completion some time before 2026.

Although this may seem a long time off, the Government needs to ´preserve´ the transport route corridor to make way for the infrastructure.

What this means is buying out homes and businesses along the route which, in such a high-density area, translates to possibly hundreds of home and business owners facing losing their properties.

The Acquisition of Land Act 1967 and the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 gives the Queensland Government the right to resume land belonging to home and business owners to make way for infrastructure.

If you have been informed that your property will be affected by the fourth stage, and/or have tried to sell your property but buyers have been scared off by the Busway, you may be entitled to seek an early buyout on hardship grounds

It is important to seek legal advice so that you are equipped with the right knowledge to protect your interests.

When faced with a resumption, knowing your rights and obligations is just as important as ensuring you are getting top value for your property, and having a legal representative will make this process far less daunting.

Legal costs, along with other associated consultancy fees and bills such as stamp duty and moving costs, may also be compensated by the Government.

If your property, home or business is being resumed,
- you have the legal right to use a qualified lawyer,
- with reasonable costs being paid by the resuming authority.

You´ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To find out more about your legal rights when involved in a property resumption, please contact me (Pas Cece) directly, at the Deacon & Milani office on 07 3221 7750 or via email at

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