At the last Federal election only one thing was certain – the people of Redcliffe would finally receive a vital rail link to Brisbane.

Over $1 billion has been committed to the Moreton Bay Rail Link, which will provide a transport corridor between the Redcliffe peninsula and Brisbane, for the first time, via rail.

But while commuters’ prayers will be realised in the very near future, with construction to start within two years, what many people may not realise is that homes and businesses will need to be sacrificed to make way for the rail line, and the railway stations servicing the route.

The six railway stations proposed for the line will be located at Kallangur, Murrumba Downs, Mango Hill, Kinsellas Road, Rothwell, and Kippa-Ring.

Under the Acquisition of Land Act 1967, and the Land Act 1994 the Queensland Government has the right to resume your land to make way for projects such as these.

What does the resumption process involve? If your home or business is affected, you may apply for an early buyout on “hardship” grounds. Alternatively you may wait until you are issued with a Notice of Intention to Resume.

Business and home owners are also entitled to compensation, along with reimbursements for “disturbance” payments for a range of other costs such as legal and consultants’ fees, and moving expenses.

With these options in mind, it is imperative home and business owners do not try and go it alone – seeking professional legal advice is the best way to ensure your assets and interests are protected.

Depending on the number of objections received and the length of the approvals process, the resumption process can take up to six months – a long, anxious wait if your home or business is affected and you do not have the right advice.

With only two years to go, the State Government has realised it needs to act quickly. In early November 2010, the Government began contacting property owners who may be affected by the development, and has already begun accepting hardship applications.

If you have been contacted by the State Government, or you think your home or business may be at risk, call our office today to gain professional legal advice about how to approach a possible resumption.

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