For what period are my unpaid debts eligible for consideration?

An adjudicator can only assess invoices for works done within 12 months.   Debts owed for work that is over 12 months old cannot be pursued through Adjudication.  However, those debts can be pursued through the Court system.

What other options do I have for recovering payments owed to me?

You also have the option of pursuing your debt pursuant to BCIPA though the Court system.  However this is usually a more expensive and slower option. 

How can I ensure that this process is simplified if I’m owed payments in the future?

We can assist you with re-drafting your invoices to maximise your chances of recovering unpaid accounts quickly and inexpensively in the future.

What’s the advantage of seeking legal representation through this process?

You’re a professional in your trade, and we’re a professional in ours. We get your payments sorted, fast.

Is there a method for valuing my payment claims?

The Act provides for a method of valuing payment claims if the written contract is silent on this issue; or there is only an oral contract in place.

What happens if I’m not paid the adjudicated amount?

If the Respondent fails to pay the whole or any part of the adjudicated amount by the 'relevant date', you may ask the Adjudicator to provide an 'Adjudication Certificate'; and/or suspend future work or the supply of goods or services, by service of a notice to do so.