Sub-contractors often don’t have the time to wait to get paid, or the capacity to resolve unpaid accounts. The Building & Construction Industry Payments Act 2004 (“BCIPA”) was introduced to support sub-contractors with this very issue.

The BCIPA is designed to assist sub-contractors in recovering debts owing from head-contractors, through an Adjudication System.  

This system is subject to requirements that must be complied with for matters to be assessed, which is where Deacon Milani can help you. We have acted for many sub-contractors in recovering debts owed by head-contractors pursuant to the Building & Construction Industry Payments Act 2004

On top of representing you through this process, we can also prepare you for circumstances, should they arise again. We assist in ensuring that your invoices are structured correctly to maximise your chances of recovering unpaid accounts quickly and inexpensively in the future.

Whether you need legal representation for your debts owing, or want to re-draft your invoices correctly, Deacon Milani gets it sorted.

For your first obligation free appointment, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office 07 3221 7750 or via email at pas@deaconmilani.com.au.